Top 10 Horror Audiobooks of April 2024

Kuku FM, India’s leading audio content platform, has announced an exclusive content licensing deal with Storytel, a Stockholm-based e-book and audiobook subscription service. This partnership, founded on Kuku FM’s commitment to providing its 2 million+ subscribers with greater access to diverse content libraries, will enable Kuku FM to integrate over 3,300 audiobooks and 26,000 hours of fresh content from Storytel’s extensive collection.

In April 2024, Kuku FM is set to offer an exceptional selection of horror audiobooks that will leave listeners on the edge of their seats. The platform’s collaboration with Storytel will enhance its capacity to meet evolving audience needs through library expansion, ensuring that users can swiftly access a vast array of audiobooks, including horror titles that will elevate the overall experience on the platform.

Here are some of the best horror audiobooks available on Kuku FM in April 2024:

1. Bhangarh Ki Wo Story Raat- Scary Story:

Bhangarh Ki Wo Story Raat- Scary Story

This horror story audio brings out a blood-curdling tale of the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, which is believed to be haunted for generations. The narrator, Rohit, sheds light on the fort’s history and shares his paranormal experiences, leaving listeners wondering if what they heard was real or hallucinating.

2. Haunted House:

Top 5 Horror Audio Books on Kuku FM

This horror audio story podcast has five seasons, each uncovering the suspense behind a haunted house. The writer, Rajender Kumar Guru, offers a perfect match for those who enjoy the Conjuring movie series.

3. Doraemon- The Horror Movie:

In this collection, Nobita and his robotic cat friend, Doraemon, venture into the world of horror and face obstacles together. This is an excellent option for kids who enjoy adventure and want to conquer their fears.

4. Hindi Urdu Horror Stories:

This podcast offers a variety of anecdotes of people’s paranormal experiences in Hindi/Urdu. Listeners can explore horror stories like Three Ghost Stories, Who Was That Woman?, Most Haunted Places in Pakistan, and more.

5. Horror Time:

This show has a series of horror stories, including Room Number 404, 50 Lakhs for a pill, She is Dead or Alive? I Am Not Alone Here, Red Umbrella, Creepy Roadside Restaurant, Ouija Board Story, and many others that will make you sit on the edge of your seat.

6. The Shining:

This Stephen King classic is narrated by Campbell Scott, who brings the haunting tale of Jack Torrance and his family’s stay at the Overlook Hotel to life. The audiobook is a chilling adaptation of King’s novel, which inspired the iconic horror film.

7. The Haunting of Hill House:

Bernadette Dunne narrates Shirley Jackson’s gothic horror novel. The story follows four seekers who arrive at a notorious mansion with a reputation for spectral activity. As they explore the house, they discover that the evil within is not confined to the structure’s walls.

8. The Exorcist:

William Peter Blatty’s classic horror novel, which inspired the iconic film, is narrated by the author himself. The audiobook tells the story of Regan MacNeil, a young girl possessed by a demonic entity, and the two exorcists who attempt to save her.

9. It:

Stephen King’s epic horror novel is narrated by Steven Weber, who delivers a captivating performance in this adaptation of the story of a group of children in Derry, Maine, who confront an ancient, shape-shifting evil: Pennywise the Clown.

10. The Silent Patient:

This psychological thriller by Alex Michaelides, narrated by Jack Hawkins and Louise Brealey, tells the story of Alicia Berenson, a talented painter who shoots her husband five times and then never speaks another word. The novel follows the story of criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber, who is determined to unravel the mystery behind Alicia’s silence.

These horror audiobooks are just a few examples of the thrilling content available on Kuku FM in April 2024. With its partnership with Storytel, Kuku FM is redefining how Bharat consumes audio content, offering listeners an unparalleled experience in horror storytelling.

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