Kuku FM Subscription Plans – Free, Gold, and Diamond Plans Features

What is Kuku FM?

Kuku FM is a popular audio content platform that offers a wide range of content, including audiobooks, podcasts, and radio shows. Catering to diverse interests and available in multiple languages, Kuku FM is a go-to platform for those looking to learn, be entertained, or simply relax.

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The importance of Kuku FM

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to sit down and read or watch videos can be challenging. Kuku FM allows users to consume content on the go and multitask while enjoying their favorite shows or books. With content curated to match the interests of its users, Kuku FM has become a popular choice for many.

Kuku FM Subscription Plans

Kuku FM offers different subscription plans to cater to the needs of its users. Let’s dive into the details of each plan.

😍Free Trial

Kuku FM provides a free trial for users who want to test the platform before committing to a subscription plan. This trial offers access to a limited range of content and serves as an excellent starting point for those new to Kuku FM.

🥰Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is Kuku FM’s entry-level subscription plan, ideal for users who want an ad-free experience and access to premium content.

Gold Plan Features

  • Ad-free listening
  • Access to premium content
  • Offline Listening
  • Daily updates

Gold Plan Pricing

The Gold Plan is available at an affordable monthly or yearly price. Users can choose the best option for their needs and enjoy a seamless listening experience.

🤩Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan is the top-tier subscription plan offered by Kuku FM, designed for those who want an all-inclusive experience with added perks.

Diamond Plan Features

  • All Gold Plan features
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Priority customer support
  • Early access to new releases

Diamond Plan Pricing

The Diamond Plan is available at a higher monthly or yearly price compared to the Gold Plan. However, the additional features and perks make it an attractive option for dedicated listeners.

Benefits of Subscribing 👌

👉Ad-Free Experience

Nobody enjoys being interrupted by ads while listening to their favorite content. Subscribing to Kuku FM gives you an ad-free experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the content you love.

👉Exclusive Content

With a subscription, you gain access to exclusive content that is not available for free users. This includes premium audiobooks, podcasts, and radio shows, ensuring you never run out of content to enjoy.

👉Offline Listening

One of the significant benefits of subscribing to Kuku FM is the ability to download content for offline listening. This feature is perfect for those who want to listen to their favorite content while traveling or when they don’t have access to the internet.

How to Subscribe?

Subscribing to Kuku FM is a simple and hassle-free process. Follow these steps to start enjoying your subscription:

  1. Download the Kuku FM app on your device.
  2. Create an account or log in with your existing credentials.
  3. Navigate to the “Subscription” section in the app.
  4. Choose your desired plan – Gold or Diamond.
  5. Select the payment option – monthly or yearly.
  6. Complete the payment process.
  7. Enjoy unlimited access to Kuku FM’s premium content.


Kuku FM’s subscription plans offer a tailored listening experience to suit the preferences and budget of each user. With exclusive content, an ad-free experience, and offline listening, subscribers can make the most out of Kuku FM’s vast content library. Don’t wait any longer; choose the plan that suits you best and start enjoying an unparalleled audio content experience.


Q1: Can I switch between the Gold and Diamond plans?

Yes, you can switch between the Gold and Diamond plans. If you decide to upgrade or downgrade your plan, the change will take effect from the next billing cycle.

Q2: Do the subscription plans offer a family-sharing option?

As of now, Kuku FM does not offer a family-sharing option. Each subscription plan is meant for individual use.

Q3: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, it is essential to note that the cancellation will only take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.

Q4: Is Kuku FM available in languages other than English?

Yes, Kuku FM offers content in multiple languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and more, catering to a diverse audience.

Q5: Are there any discounts available for students or senior citizens?

Kuku FM occasionally offers discounts and promotional offers for various users, including students and senior citizens. Keep an eye on their official website or app for announcements regarding such offers.

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