10 Best Kuku FM Free Audiobooks Available in Hindi

Kuku FM Free Audiobooks: Kuku FM is an Indian audiobook application that allows users to read and listen to thousands of books online. Both free and premium content are available in this application. Do you want to know what are the 10 best free books on Kuku FM that you all should listen to? These books are available in audio form.

If your answer is yes then in today’s post I will tell you which are the Best 10 Kuku FM Free Audiobooks available in Hindi that can listen for free on Kuku FM. You do not need to take a premium subscription for these.

10 Best Kuku FM Free Audiobooks List

So let us know which are the best audiobooks that you can listen to for free on Kuku FM. And yes, it can be heard in both English and Hindi languages. So let’s know the first one which you can listen to for free –

1. Control these Expenses – Spend Freely on Everything Else in Hindi

Kuku FM Free Audiobooks

Are you having trouble paying your bills every month and making savings? Do you want to get out of the salary cycle and save as much as possible every month, that is, do you want to learn money management so that you can save your money little by little and invest later freely?

If yes, how can it be done easily? To this, nothing can be more perfect than this audiobook because it explains to you the answers to all these questions in detail in a very simple manner. If you like a book like Why Did They Teach Me This in School, then definitely listen to this audiobook.

Category – Personel Finance
Downloads – Over 3 Laksh+
Language – Hindi
Author – Jyoti Arya

Link to ListenClick Here

2. Stress-Free Life Mantra

Stress Free Life Mantra Kuku FM

Are you also troubled? Do you also feel that the burden of life, tension, and stress are suppressing you? If yes, then listen to the mantra of a stress-free life and make your life stress-free. In this audiobook, we will tell you how you can find peace in your life. Can bring peace and happiness. We will tell you easy solutions like relaxation techniques, mindfulness, exercise range, and meditation which will bring positive changes in your life.

Category: Life Lessons
Downloads: 3 Lakhs +
Age: 13+
Language: Hindi / English
Author: Renuka

Link to listen – Click Here

3. Free to Focus Free Full Audiobooks

Free to Focus Free Audiobook Kuku Fm

Everyone gets more results if they work harder, but have you heard about getting more results with less hard work? Actually, this whole game is about your productivity, which people often associate with their free time whereas productivity means time and their work. In this free To Focus in Hindi book, 9 such methods have been explained, knowing which you will be able to work with full productivity in all ways towards your goals, your relationships, and your health, so read this book for free and learn life lessons.

Category: Life Lessons
Listens: 2 Lakhs
Age: 13+
Language: Hindi/English
Author: Priyanka Surana

Link to Listen – Click Here

4. Become Your Own Best Friend

Become Your Own Best Friend Kuku Fm

In childhood, everyone must have said the prayer in school – ‘Win yourself before others’, but as we grow up, we neither put ourselves first nor love ourselves, we just set out to make others our friends. But is it right and what should we do to become our own friend? We will know all this in this original show. Let’s start the journey to become our own friends.

Category: Life Lessons
Listens: 15K +
Age: 13+
Language: Hindi
Author: Samrat Singh

Link to Listen – Click Here

5. Bargad Ka Ped Kuku FM Free Audiobook

Bargad Ka Ped Free Audio book

Due to the invisible powers of the previous life, two boys from Goa fall into the illusion of the banyan tree. The entire village is in fear of this banyan tree. Will these two boys be able to save their village or will this banyan tree destroy an entire village? To know, listen to this story of Banyan Tree which is absolutely free on KUKU FM.

Category: Horror Story
Listens: 30 Lakh+
Age: 16+
Language: Hindi
Author: Saransh Broadways

Listen Here – Click to Listen

6. How to Win Friends and Influence People Free Audiobook

How to Win Friends and Influence People

It is very important to make a good first impression to win friends and influence people. A cheerful nature and smile can help a lot in this matter. You will find many such countless principles in this book through which you can become a likable person and handle relationships well. Dale Carnegie Kiye has been written and has been awarded a best-selling book. Listen to this book for free in Hindi today, on Kuku FM.

Category: Life Lessons
Listens: 15 Lakhs+
Age: 16+
Language: Hindi
Author: Dale Carnegie

Link of Audiobook – Click Here

7. Kyunki Ham Best Friend hai Full Free Kuku FM Audiobook

Kyonki Ham Best friends Hai

You must have heard many times that a young boy takes responsibility for his entire household and runs the household expenses, but have you heard that a young girl takes responsibility for her household and despite having an elder brother and father Manages the expenses of the entire house?

Probably not, no problem, we are going to introduce you to Srishti, a 25-year-old girl from a small village in Jodhpur district who teaches in a private school but her life is not limited to teaching. Whether it is to expose the truth of the dishonest village Sarpanch to the villagers or to get into trouble with his own family members on every wrong issue, then fighting against the wrong becomes his habit.

But her goal in life gets a new direction when Virat, a boy of the opposite nature to her, arrives in her life. Will Virat be able to give wings to her dreams? What happened? Will she be able to improve a backward desert village with the help of her friend Virat? Will she be able to defeat a Sarpanch like Mubarak Khan? You will get answers to such questions in this story. So read “Because We Are Best Friends” in Hindi on Kuku FM

Category: Love Story
Listens: 3 Lakhs+
Age: 7+
Language: Hindi
Author: Rajendra Kumar Shastri ‘Guru’

Link of Audiobook – Click Here

8. How to Start a Career As a Freelancer

How to Start a Career as a Freelancer

During the coronavirus pandemic, when there was a period of financial crisis, many companies had downed their shutters. Thousands of people had lost their jobs. In such a situation, a new trend of working from home started. They started doing new business and freelancing work from home, but Still, many people do not have knowledge about freelancing. What is freelancing, how can one work as a freelancer, and which sites can help freelancers find work, these are some of the questions we will tell you about that. We will tell you in this audiobook, so let’s read “How to Start a Career as a Freelancer in Hindi” for free on KUKU FM.

Category: Finance
Listens: 1 Lakh+
Age: 13+
Language: Hindi
Author: Billion Content

Link – Click to listen

9. Sigmund Freud – A Controversial Genius Kuku FM Free Audiobook

Sigmund Freud Kuku Fm Free audiobooks

Have you ever wondered why we look for qualities like our parents in our girlfriends or boyfriends? Why do we stay so close to our parents? The answers to these questions were given to us in Segment Fraud, which gave a theory to the world which is very popular. Everyone took it the wrong way but to date, no one has been able to prove it wrong. Listen to the story of this German scientist whom Hitler himself wanted to kill but could not. To know what was there in this person, listen to this free audiobook only on KUKU FM.

Category: History
Listens: 1.5 Lakh+
Age: 16+
Language: Hindi
Author: Sigmund Freud

Link – Click to Listen

10. French Revolution Free Kuku FM Audiobook

French Revolution

There was a king, there was a queen, and both died, and the story is over, there is a similar story of the French Revolution, but in today’s time, when we take the name of France, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Eiffel Tower of Paris city, but do you know?

There was a time when the king of France used to call himself the God of this earth. The conditions of the country were so bad that people here were ready to kill each other for bread. What happened when the spark of revolution flared up among the people of France? And how did the French Revolution begin? We will know what is the French Revolution in this original audio show.

Category: History
Listens: 1 Lakh+
Age: 13+
Language: Hindi
Author: Billion Content

Link – Click Here to Listen

Conclusion of 10 Best Kuku FM Free Audiobooks

In this post, we have given you information about the best 10 Kuku FM free audiobooks. These 10 are available to read for free on Kuku FM and you can listen to all the chapters of these books in the form of audio. I believe that these free audiobooks will be liked by all the people. Here we have given you information about all the books in the History, Finance, Life Lessons, Horror Stories, and General categories which are famous and free. If you want to listen to audiobooks for free, then download Kuku FM today.

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